Running, stumbling
Crashing, tumbling
Darkness, I’m coming
Tried so hard to swim in the gaping abyss
but no islands lay within my sight
so I begged the Lord to let me slip
beneath the curtains of eternal night

My savior sat tall upon an ebony steed
‘Twas no prince, but a raven-haired queen
who awakened me from fifteen years’ slumber
and cut down my demons with her silver sword
She shattered my coffin and my soul was reborn
so I might know the power of her sacred words

Her eyes are like magnets
Her soul is a mirror
I lose myself in the rhythm of her voice
till I drift away to where thoughts are clear

My twilight angel, valiant and bold,
cloaked in black and wreathed in gold
She breathed life into these crushed lungs
and gave fresh blood to my veins
In her spirit I found a beauty
far deeper than any pain

My fair lady knight, how I adore you
A thousand lifetimes couldn’t pay my debt
Search my empty hands, but I’ve nothing for you
You paved the ground ‘neath my every step
Although I never wished to see the day
you’d leave my side and sail away,
you were destined to dance in the golden sun
and revel in the world you brought back to me
But your memory lives on in every breath I take
Fly on, my savior, and set both our hearts free

This poem is dedicated to Ksenia Stolbova, one of the most inspirational people I have ever known. Her resilience and courage against all odds inspired me to keep fighting when my mental health problems were at their worst. I firmly believe she is the reason why I am still alive today, and I am grateful to her every day.
(For those of you who are interested, I wrote the full story on my other blog here):

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