Weep for the Widow

She runs like a wild deer through the midnight wood

She decimates a dozen men with one laser look

She fights like a lioness, she hunts like a beast

She’s deadly and she knows it, woman of the east

A master assassin and she does it in style

But nobody knows why she never smiles

Black nights screaming, running in the dark

Widowed, with no country and no home

Black grief streaming, blasted broken heart

Widowed, with no family, she’s alone

Shadows on every wall, whispers behind her back

Snipers in the windows, spies watching through the cracks

And in the darkness flows a world of red,

a running tally of the innocent dead,

singing in her ears, haunting her head

Hammer to the brain, sickle in the heart

She bleeds scarlet but won’t fall apart

When the regime crumbles, she keeps reaching higher

When the bombs explode, she flies through the fire

When the smoke clears, she’s the sole survivor

Child of darkness, woman of steel

on a cliff of battered stone

Unafraid of the black abyss

when they let her fall alone

She’s seen darker places, she’s seen the worst

She’s walked nine circles of hell and back

She’s been broken, bruised, it hurts

but she’s grown fond of wearing black

Fly on, Natasha, your soul is clean

Dive below, then climb above

Come home, Natasha, now you can rest

The black raven is now a dove

This is the story of a hero,

a story told far too little

Remember her name—

our fierce Black Widow

Published by madforskating

Confessions of a crazy skating fangirl. Your local Pair Skating Yoda. Sometimes I write about other stuff. • 17 • Asian-American • bi • she/her

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