The Devil’s Lover

From the moment I first breathed, I learned

to respect what was not mine

Then why, oh heaven, do I still yearn

for one look from those fierce eyes?

If there was a goddess of desire

she would have those lips of red

But she has fallen into hellfire

for she lies in the devil’s bed

You demon, you beast

you wild animal of the night

stalking your sweet young prey

You’ve found a fresh feast

to scar with your vampire bite

for your unholy buffet

Your poisoned mouth tastes her spiced wine lips

your cursed eyes watch her swaying hips

your filthy hands touch her satin skin

your wretched mind fills with hungry sin

her midnight lace on the floor of your cell

her perfect body on your dirty sheets

as you capture her soul while she sleeps

You invade her body like a savage

plundering the new land for gold

You murder her soul and leave the damage

vanishing when the fire runs cold

Take her to your coffin bed

stained with the blood of maidens dead

a casualty of your thirst for flesh

A precious jewel you’ll cast aside

when you meet your next child bride

and bring her to your Hades of ash

My heart grows vines ’round an iron gate

deeper than envy, darker than hate

Black leaves uncurling, barbed thorns unfurling

They say green is the shade of jealousy

of money, of land

of the simple desires of every man

But my heart feels only ebony black

of her eyes, her hair

of the silent magnet that leaves us paired

If ten thousand men stood in the way

then ten thousand men I would slay

for what are men compared to the violence of this raging love?

Oh devil, I steal your Helen of Troy

steal your passion, steal your joy

for you deserve nothing but the fury of all the gods above

You will never have her heart,

because it is not love you crave

You will never hold all the cards,

for I keep the queen of spades

You can take the silver shell,

but the pearl still lies inside,

and you have no prize to sell,

for in heart, she’s already mine


This poem was inspired by the fabulous movie Moulin Rouge. It’s written from Christian’s perspective as he watches the evil, mad Duke try to take the beautiful showgirl Satine as his own throughout the movie. It was also inspired by my celebrity crush.

Published by madforskating

Confessions of a crazy skating fangirl. Your local Pair Skating Yoda. Sometimes I write about other stuff. • 17 • Asian-American • bi • she/her

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