The Mad Titan

When I was young, I used to dream

of hungry monsters and evil queens

who made the children thrash and scream

When I was young, I used to read

tales of tyrants filled with greed

who loved to watch their victims bleed


But I never thought I’d see the day

that Lord Vader took our rights away,

that children fought in a hunger game

that Thanos turned the world to gray


I remember the morning all too well:

a few days shy of fourteen years old,

shaking in the closet, my blood gone cold

I remember whispering, “what the hell?”

too scared to even tweet my thoughts,

for who knows what’s safe and what’s not?


I swore they couldn’t be serious

It was too bizarre to believe

But I’ve been waiting to awaken

since November 8, 2016


Mama, I can’t sleep tonight

I had another nightmare

Please tell me it’s all in my head

Oh Mama, I’m so scared


Every dictator claims a noble cause

You promised to make this country great

But I guess your definition of greatness

just means white, male, and straight


You take whatever your madness touches – power, women, money

You scream bitterly into the void

about turban-clad enemies

But to truly fight the war on terror,

you must shoot the man in your mirror,

for you are the one who inspires such fear

in the women you’ve branded with your dirty hands,

in the children left orphaned in this foreign land,

in the soldiers thrown away because they were trans


This is Samira

She cries into her black veil, like a widow,

widowed from her family,

widowed from her freedom,

widowed from her home


This is Ernesto

He doesn’t understand why mama won’t come,

why his crib has steel bars,

why it’s so cold here,

or why he’s all alone


This is Joanna

She still trembles from your wicked, starving touch

that stole away her dignity,

that stole away her confidence,

that stole away her youth


This is Benjamin

He used to be called Jacqueline, but now he’s changed

He wants to meet a girl,

wants to serve his flag,

wants to live the truth


There is no Iron Man to snap his fingers

and no Jedi to call upon the force

But I am a girl and I have a choice

to plant my feet and use my voice,

for one spark can light the torch

and give hope to those who cannot speak

I’ll shoot my arrow straight and true,

shout for the speechless and stand for the weak


You can buy your votes but not my respect

Your foul words will never reach me

Tied to the mast with pitch in my ears,

I will stand strong with what I believe in


You’ve painted this country state by state

with the red in your ledger

and the lies from your hideous mouth

You’ve poisoned our borders with filth and hate,

but four years is not forever,

and every fire you started will be doused


Even the longest night will end at dawn

Every sadist must meet the dark

Until you and your death-eaters are slain and gone,

I must speak what’s in my heart


I hesitated to post this poem because it’s very political, but I can’t stay quiet about the state of U.S. politics anymore. I was 13, almost 14, on that fateful Election Day when Trump became president, and I was terrified. In that dark time, I found strength in Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games trilogy. I was so inspired by the thought of a brave young woman who led a fight against an oppressive government, so I started to write poems about it. It really helped me express the anger I felt. As a LGBTQ+ woman of color, I feel like it’s my responsibility to stand up against tyranny that affects people like me. The American dream should be available to everyone. Period.


Published by madforskating

Confessions of a crazy skating fangirl. Your local Pair Skating Yoda. Sometimes I write about other stuff. • 17 • Asian-American • bi • she/her

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