These Scarlet Lips

Trigger warning: sexual assault

These scarlet lips were taught to smile,
like all good girls with class and style
Take your seat, don’t rock the boat
Keep your head down and never say no
A wandering girl with no roots and no home
No one to save me, but I wasn’t alone

These scarlet lips were not for you
when you held me down and stole my youth
Those five minutes felt like a decade
so I spent ten years building a blockade
You ripped the last of childhood from me
but I’m the one who can’t make a scene

These scarlet lips never said yes
Your dirty hands couldn’t let me rest
Go on and sleep in peace tonight
while you leave me with demons to fight
The world sees a beauty in the sun,
not the shaking girl too scared to run

These scarlet lips will not be hushed
although you tried to tape them shut
It’s so easy to make yourself blind,
but I must tell the world your crimes
I’ll bury the hatchet but never the truth
Look no further, I am your proof

These scarlet lips will tell the world
so you can’t hurt another girl
I couldn’t stop the flood,
but I can lead them to higher ground
This I swear in blood –
one less flower will be drowned

You cut off one head and two more grow back,
mouths speaking stories of all that you lack
You shot me in combat,
but I end your war
These scarlet lips are silent no more


This poem is dedicated to all the brave voices of the #MeToo movement, but especially Ashley Wagner and my sweet friends Kayla and Martha ❤️ While I am not personally a survivor, I stand with every single one of you and hope my words can make a difference. Survivors, I see you, I love you, and I support you.

Published by madforskating

Confessions of a crazy skating fangirl. Your local Pair Skating Yoda. Sometimes I write about other stuff. • 17 • Asian-American • bi • she/her

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